Our Founder and CEO of DoMedia, Thilina purchased a domain named almost a year ago, intending to start an E-commerce website. However it was not his top priority and almost forgot it till he was reminded to pay for the domain this year. Thilina decided that his ideas should be made a reality….

Tony an intern at DoMedia, whose life revolves around music and love for writing is a high school graduate works as a content writer for DoMedia. Yep, that’s me…  (whatever you see in a brackets and in italics are thoughts from my fabulous brain.)


THILINA:  Tony, remember the domain I was telling you about last week. The one I bought almost more than a year ago, I think it is time to make it happen. I can’t stop thinking about it.


TONY: Yeah, but why do we need to start an E-commerce website? (This is not necessary at all)


THILINA: We are a digital marketing agency, and when meeting with E-commerce clients, like the one I mentioned yesterday, I am often unable to put forward new and effective ideas since many of the clients tend to follow the methods used by their competitors. For example, many of them are unhappy with the idea of trying out Instagram stories.I want to show them that marketing through these new ideas can bring exceptional results.


TONY: (Mhmm, I am not sure if this is a good idea but let me just give him a thumbs up and see where this goes) Yeah maybe we should. I like the idea. Let’s start this. What is my role in this?


THILINA: The whole point is to help future entrepreneurs to start an online store in Sri Lanka.  I want you to document everything we do and come across the problems and shortcomings. If we succeed or fail, we shall document it and publish it.


TONY: (Hmm, he has a good point and all but this is gonna take a lot of effort and time. Uhhh, well what do we have to lose, lets just give it our best shot) Yeah, we can do this. When do we start?


THILINA: Well I was thinking of…..



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