Digital Strategies & Consulting

Everything starts with planning and strategy at DoMedia.
Regardless of project size we always start with research and consulting with the client.

Digital & Strategic Planning

Everything starts with planning and strategy at DoMedia. Regardless of project size we always start with research and data analysis to plan effectively and create considered strategies for our clients. By merging data analysis with proprietary research we go further to discover the insights that make your campaigns successful. Why? Because we believe that in a complex omni-channel world you can only solve a challenge if you truly understand it.

Fast development, everlasting bugs, feedback loops, A/B testing and misunderstandings? Technical challenges? We show you how these kind of pitfalls can be prevented! Contact us today for a consulting session, where we will present you with individual advice and solutions for your current challenges.

Market Research

DoMedia starts all marketing, branding, advertising, digital and creative service projects with a deep understanding of your customers, competitors and marketplace. This covers both quantitative and qualitative research and can range from desk and digital research, to online surveys, telephone interviews and focus groups.

We have vast experience with market research and can undertake original research if needed. We don’t forget the importance of internal research either. Most often we find the key to igniting a campaign, brand or organisation is to be found internally.

Brand Engagement Strategies

Research shows that just 4% of digital brand advertising receives more than 2 seconds of attention. This is a poor return on investment by anyone’s standards and shows that the marketing industry’s drive for high quantities of output is outdated.

Today, marketers can only start to influence business outcomes by developing brand engagement. This is where we come in. We are firm believers that the most inspiring brand advertising experiences are driven by emotion and brought to life by technology.

Media Buying Strategies

The very first step in our strategic approach to media buying is understanding your business goals. What follows is a careful translation of the goals into communication and media objectives. Our great media strategy also comes from our knowledge and experience, based on all the past actions and quantitative data.

Our media strategy is based on the relevant data. It extracts the opportunities, creates added value and increases our clients ROI.

In short, we prepare and implement a proper media buying strategy including decisions on the most suitable media channels, timetables, and campaign messages. We develop optimized and successful media buying activities for our clients.

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