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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not just having a nice website or a Facebook page. Digital marketing combines all your social media, website, search, blogs, email, etc.

Social Media Marketing

As marketers what we care about is attention. Right now the attention is on social media. It might not be in the future. This is why marketers care more about social media marketing in 2020.  We at DoMedia have a dedicated team consisting of individuals who are skilled at managing your campaigns, creating creative content, data analysis, tech support for websites, and video production. We can ensure that the social media campaigns we run would bring in outstanding ROI and actual business results while spending your marketing budget efficiently. With our clientele based from both foreign and local markets, we have profound experience in running social media marketing campaigns. We understand that what brings us results today might not bring the same tomorrow, because of that we are ready to take that challenge and put extra effort into making your social media campaign a success.

Search Advertising

Being ranked amongst the top by a search engine might be tough if the keyword you want is facing tough competition. SEO is a long-term strategy and a great investment in your website’s future value, however the big bottom-line results might take months or years when the competition is tight. 

Using the Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign you can take your business to the top of the search results faster. Compared to other marketing methods PPC is one of the most effective methods if done right and gets immediate traffic helping to generate significant sales within days. For example,  when an individual is browsing on social media, he/she is with the aim of being entertained or catching up with friends. They are not with the mindset to purchase a good or service, PPC will prove to be successful since a person is with the mindset of buying your product or service when searching for it. 

Implementing a successful PPC strategy can be tricky. A single negative keyword or lack of monitoring can drive the wrong traffic to your website and thus cause you to pay unnecessarily for those clicks. It is all about the experience, well-planned execution and frequent monitoring.

Display & Remarketing

Remarketing provides businesses a second chance at convincing a user to purchase products, contact sales team, or sign-up for services. Without remarketing, businesses don’t have that opportunity. Instead, businesses have to wait and hope that a user comes back on their own.

As your partner, DoMedia can help your business recapture the most valuable visitors. With in-depth insight into your target audience, as well as your company’s most profitable products or services, your dedicated account manager can create a remarketing audience worth targeting.

Content Marketing

Even though Content Marketing has been around for a while, it hasn’t been used widely. Due to the squandering in other forms of marketing today we as marketers have no choice but to explore innovative marketing channels. Content Marketing has a unique way of communicating because it does not force a customer directly to buy a product or service, but instead gives them a reason to buy it and most importantly educates them about the product or service. 

Content Marketing is not just about writing an article or making a video, it should be a well-planned campaign where you plan out for a period of time. This requires a team with innovative individuals with the ability to think outside the box. With over 5 years of experience in being a creative and dedicated agency, DoMedia can help you with planning, writing your content, video production and making it viral among the target audience. 

Influencer Marketing

More than 90 percent of users trust an influencer’s recommendation over a brand, which is why influencer marketing is becoming a critical investment for companies. With a powerful influencer on your side, your business can generate brand awareness, as well as drive sales.

When you adopt influencer marketing, your company can use social platforms, as well as websites and blogs, to shape the opinions and purchase decisions of your target audience. How? By connecting with influencers in your field and inviting them to share your products or services with their audience.

Email & SMS Marketing

Many marketers tend to believe that Email marketing is dead.However we at DoMedia believe that there is a huge potential in Email marketing if done right.

Emails are still the official method of communication for B2B businesses. Email marketing is one of the best ways to do your inbound marketing. For a successful Email marketing campaign reaching the right target audience at the right time and having a quality Email list since it plays a major role in the success of your campaign.  

DoMedia can not only help you carry out your email marketing campaign but can also help you, create an Email list. We will also track the number of clicks, opens, the bounce rate of the emails, and other data.

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