As a person with a busy mind and busy schedules, I appreciate what entertains me, educates me, or simply what makes me happy. 

We all enjoy videos, blogs, stories, or social media posts that are entertaining or educating.

Here is an example of such worthy content by Saraketha.

great content


I’m sure you enjoy such content more than watching a tradeshow, reading print advertisements, or answering a direct sales call from an unknown company.  

We all know that Marketing is any activity that promotes buying or selling of a product. 

Businesses try many ways of doing ‘marketing’ every day. However, in 2021,  I believe that there should be useful content at the core of any marketing activity. 

Marketing + useful content = content marketing

Content Marketing talks with people other than talking at people. That’s how it draws people. 

When people feel that a business is trying to promote or sell them a product, they get tired and try to avoid that.

Time is precious for every one of us and people prefer spending their time on more engaging and useful content. 

 “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”  

This quote by a successful marketing cartoonist,  Tom Fishburne, gives us an understanding of how marketing should be. If it feels like that you are trying to promote or sell in this era, people’s minds are automatically set to reject such methods. 

Is Content Marketing in Sri Lanka, completely about selling? 

No, it is not completely about the products that the company sells. It should be packed with Valuable and solid information to build loyalty among customers. That’s how content marketing can improve the image of your brand.  


great content

As I said at the beginning,  I’m personally more engaged with the content that is useful for me. So, it’s important to figure out what the audience cares about and then offer content accordingly. 

Discover the speciality of Content Marketing in Sri Lanka.


Gives freedom

Content marketing gives consumers the freedom to seek out and consume their desired content whenever they want. 



Content marketing is intended to help you start a conversation with your potential customers. 


The audience choose to be yours 

Consumers find and view your content because they want to do so. This means that they choose to be your audience, and you own them.

Content Marketing Matters 

Content marketing matters because it is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Without it, you’re going to struggle to attract the attention you need from customers. However,  When you create great pieces of content, you’ll be more successful in your other digital marketing efforts.


Content Marketing is a type of Digital Marketing that gives positive results for your business. Interested to read more?  check out our blog about Online Marketing strategies.

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