Social Media Marketing

Get your brand in front of customers where they browse most
so they recognize your product and services when they need you.

The world is changing so is marketing. Over the past 10 years, they have been changing at a rapid rate more faster than how they have changed over the past 50 years. 51% of the world has access to the internet, and is increasing everyday. With more and more people having access to the internet, the number of individuals joining social media platforms are also expanding. It is no doubt that social media has tremendous potential for marketing if used right. Social Media marketing in Sri Lanka is not new. It has been existing for almost a decade and many Sri Lankan businesses are now entering the social media arena for their marketing purposes, however there are a certain percentage of Sri Lankan businesses who are still struggling to establish their presence on social media.

As marketers what we care about is attention. Right now the attention is on social media. It might not be in the future. This is why marketers care more about social media marketing in 2018.Β  We at DoMedia have a dedicated team consisting on individuals who are skilled at managing your campaigns, creating creative content, data analysis, tech support for websites and video production. We can ensure that the social media campaigns we run would bring in outstanding ROI and actual business results while spending your marketing budget efficiently. With our clientele based from both foreign and local markets we have profound experience in running social media marketing campaigns. We understand that what brings us results today might not bring the same tomorrow, because of that we are ready to take that challenge and put extra effort into making your social media campaign a success.


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