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Tripperholic Adventures (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Pan Global Travels & Tours (Pvt) Ltd Destination Management Company in Sri Lanka. Since then they have grown from a medium tourism-oriented travel agency to one of the leading travel companies in Sri Lanka. With over a decade of dedicated service, they are specialized in providing a total travel solution, end-to-end travel services to suit the needs of our clientele needs, starting from point to point trip requests, hotel bookings, elaborate tour planning and leisure travel arrangements to both the corporate and leisure markets.

The Design Process

Giving priority to fulfil the company’s requests, which were to attract and inspire travel enthusiastic souls to travel Sri Lanka and increase the company sales, the design of the website was based around showcasing the beauty of the Island.
Once the objectives, ideas and timelines were set, DoMedia started sculpting the website rich in creativity and strategy, with our designers and developers to deliver a meaningful and a long lasting user experience.


Is Out There

Creative & Functional

Web Design

Designed to allow visitors to navigate easily through the website, DoMedia created the layout to highlight the tour packages of the company. All the elements of the website were designed to appeal the target audience’s mindset and thoughts which will reap as leads for Tripperholic Adventures through strategic navigation.

While triggering the end user’s travel desires with awe-inspiring images we focused on grabbing their attention to the ‘contact us’ button on the top menu bar.

Travel is the

Ultimate Inspiration



Living in a world where people use mobile devices to search the World Wide Web, DoMedia understands the importance of a responsive design, which is why the website was optimized to the highest responsiveness so the website can adjust without any trouble to the size of the device, enabling every user a seamless user experience. Despite it’s a mobile phone, tab or a desktop, the website was developed with flexible grid and layouts to offer visitors an exceptional customer experience.

Dreaming of an

Unforgettable Holiday?



With our years of experience in web designing, DoMedia knows the power of colour and how it can affect the user’s feelings, perceptions, and interactions. Using intriguing colours that can simulate the target audience’s mind, like yellowish orange( for energetic and cheerful adventures) and green (to highlight the pristine nature of Sri Lanka) DoMedia ensures visitors stay longer on the website as the colours are resonating with their energy which will improve the lead generation.